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Overview & Learning Objectives
  • Know where to seek for product opportunities and acquire thorough understanding of the necessary steps from ideation and market positioning to delivering product's value.
  • Learn to identify the potential buyer group who would stand to benefit the most from the proposed product. Consider the elements necessary to design and create product model.
  • Access frameworks, approaches, and ideas to design and develop a new product on the basis of the customer specific needs, aspirations and expectations.
  • Define the core value of the new product and usefulness to the customer. Learn to integrate the core value to design, product features and formulate sales mechanism accordingly.
  • Determine customer's willingness-to-pay. Starting from the smallest possible product that meets the needs of a specific customer segment.
  • Choose the right monetization and pricing model suited for your product, competitive position and customer segments.

What's included in the Content?
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Know the Opportunity
1 Modules
  • Introduction
Who is it for?
  • Product development teams
  • Starting up Entrepreneurs
  • Authors and content marketers
  • Internet marketers (incl. affiliates) who want to create their own product
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The first publication in BusinessProgram series has been created as a guidebook for entrepreneurs, internet marketers and authors, as well as creative teams looking for insights or know-how to efficient and effective product development. This e-book aims to provide foundational insights to product development process in a straightforward and easy-to-grasp format, providing valuable insights to the entire product development process - from initial ideation to making educated decisions as relates to product specifications, sales formation pipeline, pricing models and communication strategy. While the content covering the product development process and business functions required to properly position the product on the market can be equally important for creating both physical and digital products, we have structured the learning material around monetization models tailored for digital products. As most internet marketers and entrepreneurs would probably know, the single most important resource available is time. The economic value associated with things and other tangibles is always equivalent of the time. There is direct correlation between economic value and time. Time is an important resource for entrepreneurs, that one would have to learn to appreciate and consider as resource. When starting a business or thinking of expanding the existing product line, entrepreneurs have to consider time as a resource, in addition to available funds and other resources. During the very first stages of product development process, entrepreneurs and development teams have to find an answer to the following: (i) is there demand for proposed product or service; (ii) which skills and resources are needed to develop the product and (iii) do we have the knowledge, skills and sufficient resources to develop the product. Knowing the expectations, needs and wants of your customer base will enable you to focus on building the features that matter most to your customers, enabling you to avoid delays that more often than not arise from overloading your product with unnecessary features.
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  • Thu, 21-Mar-2019
    Highly Recommended learning material.
  • Fri, 05-Apr-2019
    Stephany Wilson
    First-Class training material that has helped me conceptualize my writings and given the guidelines to turn previously what i would describe as client-focused content into a scalable digital product. I can see many ways I’ll be able to use the framework and the clear understanding of the product development process in future work. Thank you! Now, on my way to the next milestone.
  • Mon, 22-Apr-2019
    Rachel-Elizabeth Lambert
    An excellent program for anyone pursuing entrepreneurial path centered around digital product. The e-book provides exceptional insights into how to develop a product starting from identifying target segment, defining how the product would meet the expectations and needs of the target audience and how to craft product offering to create a conversion path to attract and convert customers.
  • Sat, 06-Apr-2019
    Jim O'Neil
    I had built quite a substantial list of leads from my website within travel sector, and found myself thinking of either running an affiliate campaign or upsell my own digital product. After completing the course, or the e-book i knew exactly what i needed to do and how to do it. Just within a few weeks i had decided upon the monetization and pricing model , quickly re-structured some of my existing content and could convert up to 45% of my leads into paying customers. I can highly recommend AffiliateBook's content, whether you are an online marketer, a blogger or small business. Thank you!
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